Garin the Great

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Alias Garin the Great
Title Prince
Allegiance Rhoynar
Race Rhoynar
Culture Rhoynar
Died At Chroyane
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)
The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Garin, better known as Garin the Great, was a Rhoynish Prince of Chroyane.


Prince Garin led two hundred and fifty thousand men to their deaths in an attempt to stop the Valyrians in the Second Spice War. He was named Garin the Great for giving the Valyrians pause.[1]

According to legend, the men of Volantis and Valyria hung Garin in a golden cage and mocked him as he called upon Mother Rhoyne to destroy them. That very night, the waters rose and drowned the invaders of Chroyane.[citation needed]

Some say his curse brought the Doom of Valyria.[citation needed]

From that day, the spirits of the fallen conquerors have said to have remained beneath the waters, they who were once the lords of fire. It is believed that their cold breath is still said to rise from the murk to make the fogs that infest the ruined city in the Sorrows, and their flesh is said to have turned as stony as their hearts. It is also believed by some that Garin rose from his watery grave and became the Shrouded Lord.[2]

In modernity there is a Braavosi play called the Wroth of the Dragonlords which features a speech made by Prince Garin on the eve of battle.[citation needed]

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