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[[Category:Legendary Heroes]]
[[Category:Legendary Heroes]]
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[[Category:Characters from the Iron Islands]]
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[[fr:Roi Gris]][[zh:灰海王]]

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The Grey King is a legendary hero from the Iron Islands. House Greyjoy claims descent from him.[1]


The Grey King killed the first sea dragon, Nagga, with aid of the Drowned God. He is thought to reside in a cloudy hall. From her bones he made his hall, the Grey King's Hall, which he heated with Nagga's living fire. For a thousand years he reigned. He took as his wife a mermaid and plotted his war against the Storm God. He supposedly wore robes of woven seaweed and a tall pale crown made from Nagga's teeth. When the Grey King died, the Storm God snuffed out the fire and the sea stole his throne. Only his hall remains.[2]

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