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{{Noble House  
{{Noble House  
| House_name          = House Morrigen
| House_name          = House Morrigen
| Coat_of_arms = A black crow in flight on storm-green
| image = [[File:House Morrigen.PNG|250px|center]]
| Coat_of_arms = Vert, a flying crow sable
| Seat = Crows Nest
| Seat = Crows Nest
| Current_Lord = Lester Morrigen
| Current_Lord = Lester Morrigen

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House Morrigen
House Morrigen.PNG
Coat of arms Vert, a flying crow sable
Seat Crows Nest
Lord Lester Morrigen
Region the Stormlands
Overlord Renly Baratheon

House Morrigen of Crows Nest is a noble house from the Stormlands.

Their arms are a black crow in flight on storm-green. Their motto does not appear in the books.

The Morrigen House at the end of the third century

With unkonwn familiar relation to the Lord of the house, there is also:

References in the books

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Although sworn to Lord Stannis of Dragonstone, the Morrigens are among the stormlords that choose to fight for Renly during the War of the Five Kings.
  • Ser Guyard Morrigen is member of King Renly's Rainbow Guard: the green.
  • The Morrigens turn to King Stannis after Renly's death. Ser Guyard Morrigen is given the command of the foot during the attack of King's Landing.
  • Ser Guyard is slain at the Battle of the Blackwater by Garlan Tyrell, disguised as Renly.