A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 14

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Tyrion IV
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Tyrion Lannister
Place Rhoyne
Page 179 UK HC (Other versions)
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Tyrion V


Aboard the Shy Maid, Griff has banned Tyrion, who is still playing the role of Hugor Hill, from drinking wine as they journey down the Rhoyne. Septa Lemore bathes naked every morning in the river, much to Tyrion's delight, but he notes she is not as virginal as she appears - Tyrion notices that she has stretch marks from childbirth.

After they all break their fast with Yandry and Ysilla, Duck begins training purple-eyed Young Griff with swords. Griff shoulder-charges Duck into the river, and when Tyrion laughs at him he chucks him overboard. Although Tyrion is dressed in motley and plays the fool with the men, Griff has him engaged in a serious task: writing down all he knows of dragonlore from his extensive reading.

In the afternoon, Tyrion joins Haldon Halfmaester as he educates Young Griff on geometry, languages and history. After the lesson Tyrion and Haldon settle down for a game of cyvasse.

Tyrion has yet to beat Haldon and challenges him to a wager. Since he has no coin, he wants to wager information. Haldon takes the bet and loses. We do not learn what information Tyrion won. Back on deck, as they pass by the ruins of Ny Sar Tyrion witnesses the emergence of a gigantic turtle from the water - Yandry claims it is the Old Man of the River. Tyrion thinks to himself that gods and wonders always appear to attend the birth of kings.

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