A Feast for Crows-Chapter 15

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Samwell II
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Samwell Tarly
Place sailing from Eastwatch to Braavos
Page 215 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
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Samwell III


Sam is trying his best to keep both Gilly and himself calm during the tumultuous sea trip to Braavos. The Night's Watch ship Blackbird will take them only so far as Braavos, and then Sam will need to find tender there bound for Oldtown. Sam is hopeful that the others making the journey with him will find happiness when they reach their destination: Gilly and the babe at Horn Hill, Maester Aemon back at the Citadel, and Dareon in his new role as a recruiter. The old maester tells them the story of his sea trip to the Wall- how he traveled with Lord Commander Duncan the Tall as his honor guard, along with Brynden Rivers, Lord Bloodraven himself, who was sent by Egg to serve out the remainder of his life in the Watch.

As the trip progresses, Sam finds that nothing he says can console Gilly, and that Maester Aemon's health deteriorates. Dareon has nothing but scorn for the wildling girl, but Aemon tells Sam to look closely at the baby to find the source of Gilly's grief. When Sam realizes that the baby is actually Dalla and Mance Rayder's, not her own, he can't believe what Jon did. Maester Aemon states, "What threats the Lord Commander made, what promises, I can only guess." And while Sam understands that Jon did so to save the baby from Melisandre's fires, he remains shocked at what cost this will have for Gilly.

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