Alton Celtigar

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Alton Celtigar
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Title(s) Lord of Claw Isle[1]
Hand of the King[1]
Allegiance House Celtigar[1]
Predecessor Eventually Crispian Celtigar (Lord of Claw Isle)
Edmyn Tully (Hand of the King)
Successor Eventually Edwell Celtigar (Lord of Claw Isle)
Osmund Strong (Hand of the King)
Race Valyrian[1]
Culture(s) Crownlands[1]
Died In 17 AC[1]
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Alton Celtigar was the Lord of Claw Isle and the head of House Celtigar during the reign of King Aegon I Targaryen.[1]


Alton was named Hand of the King by King Aegon I Targaryen, following the resignation of Lord Edmyn Tully in 9 AC. Alton served ably as Hand until he died from natural causes in 17 AC. He was succeeded as Hand by Ser Osmund Strong.[1]


Alton's relations to Crispian Celtigar, Lord of Claw Isle and master of coin during Aegon's Conquest, and to Edwell Celtigar, Lord of Claw Isle and Hand of the King to King Maegor I Targaryen, are unknown.


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