Battle of Six Kings

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Battle of Six Kings
Date ~400 BC
Place The Mother's Teats in the riverlands
Result Durrandon victory
Extinction of House Teague
Annexation of the Riverlands into the domain of the Storm Kings
House Durrandon
House Blackwood
House Vance of Atranta
House Tully
House Teague
Faith Militant
Arlan III Durrandon
Roderick Blackwood
Elston Tully
Humfrey I Teague
a great host unknown
Roderick Blackwood
Elston Tully
Humfrey I Teague
Humfrey II Teague
Hollis Teague
Tyler Teague
Damon Teague

The Battle of Six Kings was a battle fought near the Teats in the riverlands before the War of Conquest. It led to the riverlands being added to the domains of the Storm Kings from the stormlands.[1]


When Humfrey I Teague, the pious King of the Rivers and the Hills, began to repress worship of the old gods, Lord Roderick Blackwood of Raventree Hall rose in rebellion, followed by House Vance of Atranta and House Tully of Riverrun. Supported by the Faith Militant, Humfrey's loyalists were on the verge of defeating the rebels. Roderick sought help from the Storm King Arlan III Durrandon, with whom he was related by marriage. Arlan desired to restore the riverlands to the Blackwoods, who had ruled as kings in the Age of Heroes.[1]

Leading a great host of stormlanders across the Blackwater Rush, Arlan defeated the loyalists in several battles and was able to relieve the siege of Raventree. The bloody final battle took place in an afternoon between the Mother's Teats, during which the stormlanders extinguished the line of House Teague. Humfrey died first, followed by his sons Humfrey II, Hollis, and Tyler, and finally his brother, Damon, all of whom briefly ruled as a river king. Other casualties were Roderick Blackwood, Elston Tully, and Lords Bracken, Darry, Smallwood, Vance of Atranta, and Vance of Wayfarer's Rest, although it is unknown if they died in the final battle or earlier in the campaign.[1]

The battle became known as the Battle of Six Kings, for the five kings from House Teague and Arlan the Storm King. Roderick Blackwood's heir was a boy of only eight, and Arlan distrusted Roderick's brothers. He considered crowning Roderick's eldest child, Shiera Blackwood, and having her rule with his own son from House Durrandon, but the river lords refused to be ruled by a woman. Instead, Arlan chose to add the riverlands to the realm of the Storm Kings.[1]


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