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Bronze King was the title held by the head of House Royce of Runestone prior to and during the coming of the Andals. The crown they held was known as the Runic Crown.[1]


The Bronze Kings from House Royce of Runestone had long waged war against House Shett of Gulltown, who used the title King of the True Men. King Osgood III Shett sought aid from Andals in his feud with Yorwyck VI Royce, but Osgood was eventually betrayed by House Grafton.[1] Yorwyck defeated Andals in battle several times, and his grandson, Robar II Royce, led the First Men resistance against the invading Andals after being proclaimed High King of the Vale, the Fingers, and the Mountains of the Moon. Robar was defeated in the Battle of the Seven Stars, however, and House Arryn subsequently ruled the Vale of Arryn as Kings of Mountain and Vale.[1]

Members of House Royce still wear ancestral bronze armor engraved with runes, although there is no evidence that their armor is actually magical.[2]

Known Bronze Kings


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