Claw Isle

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The Crownlands and the location of Claw Isle
The Crownlands and the location of Claw Isle
Claw Isle
The Crownlands and the location of Claw Isle

Claw Isle is the ancient island seat of House Celtigar in the Crownlands. It lies a few hours sail north from Dragonstone.[1] The people of Crackclaw Point refer to the island as Crab Isle.[2]


During the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Walys Mooton's force to retake Rook's Rest from the greens included men from Claw Isle.[3]

Though Lord Ardrian Celtigar has shown the world a niggardly face, he has never stinted on his own comforts. Claw Isle's castle is reputedly stuffed with Myrish carpets, Volantene glass, gold and silver plate, jeweled cups, magnificent hawks, an axe of Valyrian steel, a horn said to summon krakens from the deep, chests of rubies, and more wines that a man could drink in a hundred years.[1][4]

Recent Events

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A Clash of Kings

Lord Ardrian Celtigar takes most of the able-bodied men with him when Stannis Baratheon calls his banners. Captured in the Battle of the Blackwater, Lord Celtigar bends the knee to King Joffrey Baratheon.[5]

A Storm of Swords

Because Lord Celtigar submitted to Joffrey, Ser Axell Florent plots with Salladhor Saan to attack Claw Isle as a reprisal, for the island is lightly garrisoned. Ser Davos Seaworth advises Stannis that it is a poor option, reminding him that Claw Isle is only held by women, children, and old men because the warriors of the island were killed fighting for Stannis on the Blackwater. Stannis decides not to attack Claw Isle. For his counsel and loyalty, Stannis names Davos Lord of the Rainwood and Hand of the King.[1]