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Commander is a position held by an officer of the Night's Watch in charge of one of the castles along the Wall. The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch serves as commander of the main stronghold of the Watch, historically the Nightfort and now Castle Black since the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. The Lord Commander chooses the commanders for the other castles.[1][2]


Around 300 BC, the commanders of the Nightfort and Snowgate went to war with each other. Eventually, both lost their heads to the Stark in Winterfell.[3]

In 50 AC, Ser Olyver Bracken and Ser Raymund Mallery, commanders of Rimegate and Sable Hall respectively, led a rebellion of former Faith Militant in the Night's Watch, trying to make themselves lords of castles at the Wall.[2]

In 267 AC, Ser Denys Mallister was named commander of the Shadow Tower, a position he still holds today.[4]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

In order to strengthen the defenses against the threat of the Others, Jon Snow, the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, plans to re-garrison the abandoned castles along the Wall.[5] After ceding the Nightfort to King Stannis Baratheon,[5] Jon appoints men from the Night's Watch to garrison Icemark and Greyguard.[1] Since many free folk have surrendered and passed through the Wall, Jon announces his intention to garrison Deep Lake, Sable Hall, and the Long Barrow with free folk serving under the command of officers from the Watch.[6] Free folk leaders who have yielded hostages to the Watch are allowed by Lord Commander Snow to hold some other castles and settle them with their people.[7][8]

Commanders during A Song of Ice and Fire

Historical Commanders