Daemon Blackfyre

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Daemon Blackfyre is the name of several members of House Blackfyre. These include:

  • Daemon I Blackfyre, legitimized bastard son of Aegon IV and Daena Targaryen, founder of the House; Blackfyre Pretender during the First Blackfyre Rebellion.
  • Daemon II Blackfyre, third son of Daemon I Blackfyre and Rohanne of Tyrosh; Blackfyre Pretender during the Second Blackfyre Rebellion.
  • Daemon III Blackfyre, eldest son of Haegon I Blackfyre, and the grandson of Daemon I Blackfyre; Blackfyre Pretender during the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion.
  • Daemon Blackfyre, whose exact ancestry so far remains unrevealed; a cousin to Maelys I Blackfyre, and a one-time captain-general of the Golden Company.

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