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Dareon by Amuelia.png
Dareon by Amuelia

Allegiance Night's Watch
Culture Reach
Died In 300 ACBraavos

Played by Unidentified
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 1

Dareon is a recruit of the Night's Watch, known primarily for his excellent singing voice. Ser Alliser Thorne refers to him as Lover.[1]


During his training at the Night's Watch, Dareon is described as "quick, but afraid of being hit" by Jon Snow.[3] Samwell Tarly thinks Dareon has "a loose tongue and quick temper".[4] Dareon is an aspiring songwriter, and plays the fiddle and woodharp.[5] His voice is "honey poured over thunder", according to Maester Aemon.[6]


Dareon was an apprentice singer in the Reach, before being caught in bed with a daughter of Lord Mathis Rowan of Goldengrove. Though Dareon maintains that she was waiting for him naked and helped him into her room, under her father's eye she named it rape. For this Dareon was sent to the Wall.[6]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Dareon is a recruit with Jon Snow. He is an excellent singer known to sing for the Night's Watch at dinner.[6] Dareon is raised to a man of the Night's Watch at the same time as Jon and named to the stewards. Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, sends Dareon to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, hoping the singer can aid Cotter Pyke with dealing with merchant ships.[7]

A Feast for Crows

Jon Snow, after being chosen Lord Commander, names Dareon as a replacement for Yoren, a missing wandering crow. He sends Dareon south with Samwell Tarly, Maester Aemon, and Gilly, with the idea that his singing could bolster recruitment to the Night's Watch.[5] While sailing from Eastwatch to Braavos, Dareon sings the songs "Autumn of My Day" and "Iron Lances".[5]

Aemon's condition worsens in Braavos and they are forced to spend their coin on a healer and an inn. With their money running low, Dareon is sent to sing for coin, with which to buy food and passage. Instead, he becomes increasingly distant and desultory, and sings largely for wine and trade from the city's whores. He performs at the Inn of the Green Eel, the Black Bargeman, and Moroggo's.[4]

Sam finds Dareon in a whorehouse called the Happy Port, where Dareon has wed a whore called the Sailor's Wife, who only beds the men she weds. Sam confronts him for this and accuses him of breaking his vows, and Dareon responds by throwing his cloak in Sam's face and renouncing the Night's Watch. Sam punches Dareon[4] and eventually finds passage and leaves Braavos without him.[8]

After his desertion, Dareon is successful for a time as a singer in Braavos, visiting the Cattery, the Happy Port, and the House of Seven Lamps, and bragging that in time he will be playing in the Sealord's Palace. He is known to Arya Stark, who, under the guise of her most recent identity Cat of the Canals, sells oysters for the Braavosi fishmonger Brusco in the same areas where Dareon sings. Recognizing him as a deserter of the Night's Watch, Arya lures Dareon into an alley one night and slits his throat as punishment for his desertion. She dumps his body into a canal, though she keeps his boots.[2]

Quotes by Dareon

Dareon: The stewards are fine for the likes of you and me, Sam, but not for Lord Snow.

Jon: I'm a better swordsman and a better rider than any of you. It's not fair.

Dareon: Fair? The girl was waiting for me, naked as the day she was born. She pulled me through the window, and you talk to me of fair?[7]

—Dareon and Jon Snow

I'm done with you. I'm done with black.[4]

—Dareon to Samwell Tarly

Quotes about Dareon

You should hear Dareon. His voice is sweet as mead.[9]

Dareon was supposed to be his brother. Ask him to sing, and no one could be better. Ask him to do aught else ...[4]

—thoughts of Samwell Tarly

The whores called him the black singer, but there was hardly any black about him now. With the coin his singing brought him, the crow had transformed himself into a peacock. Today he wore a plush purple cloak lined with vair, a striped white-and-lilac tunic, and the parti-colored breeches of a bravo, but he owned a silken cloak as well, and one made of burgundy velvet that was lined with cloth-of-gold. The only black about him was his boots. Cat had heard him tell Lanna that he'd thrown all the rest in a canal. "I am done with darkness," he had announced.[2]

—thoughts of Arya Stark

Dareon had been a deserter from the Night's Watch; he had deserved to die.[10]

—thoughts of Arya Stark

Behind the scenes

Dareon may be a reference to Daeron, an Elvish minstrel from The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien.