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Culture Westeros
Born In 36 AC[1]
Died In 59 AC or 60 AC[2]Dragonstone[2]
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Edyth was a novice, and later septa, who was a beloved religious tutor of Queen Alysanne Targaryen.[1]


Edyth was born in 36 AC from a noble family.[1]


In 50 AC, Queen Alyssa Velaryon sent three women to see to Queen Alysanne's religious instruction: Septa Ysabel, and the novices Lyra and Edyth, alongside the famously pious Lady Lucinda Tully. It was the hope of the Queen Regent that the fiercely righteous women would convince Alysanne and perhaps even King Jaehaerys that brother lying with sister was an abomination in the eyes of the Faith before their incestuous union could tear the realm apart again. Instead, they were moved by the queen's devotion to her husband.[1]

By 51 AC, she had sworn her vows to become a septa. She attended Queen Alysanne at Maidenpool where she was slashed across the face defending the queen when she was attacked by women attending Jonquil's Pool who wished to kill the "abomination" Alysanne was carrying.[3]

After Queen Rhaena's beloved Septa Maryam was poisoned by Androw Farman in 54 AC, Edyth arrived on Dragonstone to assume her place.[3]

In 55 AC, she accompanied Queen Alysanne during her pregnancy with Prince Aemon.[4]

Edyth died of the Shivers of 59 AC and 60 AC.[2]


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