First Turtle War

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First Turtle War
Part of Rhoynish Wars
Date ~ 950 BC[1][2][3][4][5]
Result Victory for Sar Mell when Volon Therys was flooded
Rhoynar (Sar Mell)Valyrian Freehold (Volon Therys)

The First Turtle War was a war fought between the Valyrian Freehold city Volon Therys and the Rhoynar city Sar Mell. It was the first of the Rhoynish Wars, a series of conflicts which would last for about two and a half centuries.[2]


The First Turtle War was a bloody, but short war, lasting less than a moon's turn.[2]

The war was fought between Volon Therys and Sar Mell. According to legend, the war began when the Valyrians killed a gigantic turtle, one of those called the Old Men of the River by the Rhoynar. The Rhoynar hold these turtles sacred, viewing them as the consorts of Mother Rhoyne herself.[2]

During the course of the war, Sar Mell was raided and burned. They emerged victorious when Rhoynish water wizards called up the power of the river, and proceeded to flood Volon Therys. If the tales can be believed, half the city was washed away.[2]


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