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House Webber.svgFlameHouse Webber.svg
Owner Rohanne Webber
Species Horse (courser)
Gender Female
Book The Sworn Sword (mentioned)

Flame was a female blood bay courser owned by Lady Rohanne Webber.[1]


Flame was a blood bay with a bright eye and a long fiery mane. She was a big, swift courser, and had some Dornish sand steed blood in her for endurance. She was a magnificent horse, with long, clean limbs. She had been bred for beauty and speed.[1]


Lady Rohanne attempted to give Flame to Ser Duncan the Tall as a gift for his service, and as an apology, but he refused her, saying she was too good for him.[1]


I call her Flame, but you may name her as you please. Call her Amends, if you like.[1]