Gynir Rednose

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Gynir Rednose
Alias Rednose[1]
Allegiance House Greyjoy
Culture ironborn
Died In 299 ACWinterfell

Gynir Rednose is an ironborn raider.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Gynir Rednose is part of Theon Greyjoy's crew during the harrying of the Stony Shore and the capture of Winterfell. When Bran and Rickon Stark disappear, he is part of Theon's search party in the wolfswood.[1] He, Gelmarr and Aggar go with Theon and "Reek" and are present for the false execution of Bran and Rickon at the mill on the Acorn Water.[2]

After the deaths of Aggar and Gelmarr, Gynir takes to sleeping in his armor and adopts the noisiest dog he can find to guard his sleep, but he is found drowned in the well. Although he has no evidence, Theon condemns Farlen for the deaths and personally executes the kennelmaster. Theon later recollects that Reek was responsible for the murders.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

As some men in Lord Roose Bolton's host mysteriously turn up dead in Winterfell, Theon is reminded of the deaths of Gynir, Gelmarr, and Aggar.[3]