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the Halfmaester
Haldon Halfmaester by cloudninja9.jpg
Haldon Halfmaester, by cloudninja9©

  • Haldon Halfmaester
  • The Halfmaester
Title Acolyte
Allegiance House Targaryen
Born Westeros[1]

Haldon, called Haldon Halfmaester or the Halfmaester, is a healer and the tutor for Young Griff.

Appearance and Character

Haldon is clean-shaven, with a lined, ascetic face. He wears his hair pulled back, and tied in a knot behind his head. He has cool grey eyes. He studied at the Citadel but did not earn enough links to become a maester.[2] Haldon is a patient teacher.[3]

Haldon has the largest cabin on the Shy Maid. Its walls are lined with bookshelves, there are bins for old parchments and scrolls, and there are racks of ointments, herbs, and potions. The cabin is furnished with a bunk, writing desk, chair, stool, and cyvasse table.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Haldon meets Illyrio Mopatis's litter, and escorts Tyrion Lannister to meet up with the rest of the party as they set sail to Volantis. Soon after meeting Haldon, Tyrion realizes that he would do well to be careful around him.[2]

During the journey on the river Rhoyne, Haldon plays cyvasse with Tyrion, who suggests that they play for secrets; Haldon is confident he will win. They play for three hours[3] and it is implied that Haldon loses.[N 1]

After an attack by the stone men, Haldon checks Tyrion for greyscale by pricking Tyrion's toes and fingers with a knife. Griff sends Haldon to Selhorys to investigate rumors that Yandry and Ysilla heard there, and Haldon takes Tyrion with him. He lets Tyrion go to a whorehouse, where Ser Jorah Mormont surprises Tyrion and takes him prisoner.[4]

Haldon goes to Griffin's Roost with Griff, who is actually Jon Connington, and assumes the duties of the castle maester, as the previous maester was killed in the taking of the castle. He relays what he learns of the castle's letters to Jon.[5]


A book can be as dangerous as a sword in the right hands.[3]

—Haldon to Tyrion Lannister

The dead do not rise.[6]

—Haldon to the crew of the Shy Maid'

The Lannisters make enemies easily but seem to have a harder time keeping friends.[5]

—Haldon to Jon Connington


  1. Haldon says Tyrion will defeat him at cyvasse "the day turtles crawl out my arse". Later, Tyrion tells the other crew-members Haldon is feeling uncomfortable, because "there are turtles crawling out his arse".[3]