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The Sons of the Harpy, also referred to as the Harpy's Sons, is a resistance group of Ghiscari noblemen from the city of Meereen, who defy the reign of Queen Daenerys Targaryen. The name is a reference to the way the Ghiscari noblemen refer to themselves.[1][2][3] According to Skahaz mo Kandaq, the Sons of the Harpy are being led by someone known as "the Harpy"; However, Daenerys herself is skeptical of the existence of such a leader.[4]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The Sons of the Harpy have begun a shadow war against Queen Daenerys Targaryen, following her occupation of the city of Meereen. They slay freedmen, Unsullied and shavepates. They kill during the night, and leave a mark over the body of their victim, a harpy, drawn in blood.[5] Amongst those slain is Stalwart Shield.[5] Following his death, Queen Daenerys raises the reward concerning the Sons of the Harpy from one hundred honors to one thousand.[5] Not long after, the Sons murder six of Daenerys's Unsullied, including Mossador, and three freedmen in one night. Following these murders, a new guard is set over Meereen, made up from the Meereenese themselves:[6] the Brazen Beasts.[7]

The Sons of the Harpy offer a reward: they promise wealth and glory to the man who slays Queen Daenerys, as well as a hundred virgin slave girls.[7] As the Sons also promise death to anyone who serves Daenerys as well as their families, the members of her new city watch, the Brazen Beasts, hide their true identities by wearing masks.[7]

Daenerys demands hostages from the noble families of Meereen.[6] However, when the time comes, Daenerys refuses to have her hostages executed, having grown fond of them.[3] Following the advice of Galazza Galare, Daenerys agreed to a pact with Hizdahr zo Loraq: if he can make the Sons of the Harpy halt their killing for ninty days, they shall marry.[3] After twenty-six days without a murder, Skahaz mo Kandaq discusses with Daenerys how Hizdahr has been able to stop the killing, wondering if he himself is "the Harpy", who leads the Sons. Daenerys, however, wonders whether there even is a Harpy, as questioning the captive Sons did not yield any results.[4]

Following ninety days of peace, Daenerys and Hizdahr are wed.[8] However, following a failed poisoning attempt, during which only Belwas was injured, Daenerys departs Meereen on the back of her dragon Drogon.[9] Skahaz mo Kandaq arrests Hizdahr's confectioner, who admits to having poisoned the locusts, claiming that the Sons of the Harpy had taken his daughter. As Daenerys survived, the Sons killed the daughter, and returned her to her father in nine pieces.[10] Skahaz is still convinced that Hizdahr is the Harpy, but he and Barristan Selmy agree to take Hizdahr into custody, and not to harm him until he is proven guilty of playing a role in the poisoning attempt.[10]

Following Hizdahr's arrest,[11] the Sons of the Harpy resume their shadow war, killing three people the first night, nine the second night, and twenty-nine the third night. One more is killed during the day. According to Galazza Galare, the killings will stop when Hizdahr is freed.[12]