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High Septon

Alias(es) The fat one
Title(s) High Septon
Father of the Faithful
His High Holiness
Shepherd of the Faithful
Voice of the Seven on Earth
Allegiance Faith of the Seven
Died In 299 AC, at King's Landing
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (appears)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

The fat High Septon is the High Septon of the Faith of the Seven at the beginning of the series. His real name is unknown as High Septons abandon their names once elected to office.

Appearance and Character

The High Septon is a squat man and ponderously fat with grey hair,[1] considered corrupt, gluttonous,[2] pompous and long-winded.[3] Jaime Lannister thinks he is a "fat fraud".[4]


The High Septon has been in his position for some time. When over two hundred jars of wildfire were discovered beneath the Great Sept of Baelor around 298 AC, he was livid with fear and had Hallyne of the Alchemists' Guild and his acolytes remove the jars.[2]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

The High Septon in Game of Thrones

In the first session of the small council presided over by the new Hand of the King, Eddard Stark, Petyr Baelish informs the council members that in his attempts to borrow more money for the Crown he had to turn to the Faith lately and complains that the High Septon haggles worse than a fishmonger.[5]

At the feast during the Hand's tourney, Moon Boy sings a song about the High Septon that causes many of the guests to laugh, including Septa Mordane.[6]

The fat High Septon is present when Eddard Stark is brought to the Great Sept of Baelor. Having been told by Cersei Lannister that Eddard would be pardoned and allowed to join the Night's Watch, like many of the onlookers he is shocked when King Joffrey I Baratheon orders Eddard's execution. He clutches the king's cape in an attempt to stop him. After the execution, the High Septon is furious and feels that the Great Sept has been befouled.[5][7]

A Clash of Kings

When the small council discusses reactions to the letters in which Stannis Baratheon alleges that Cersei Lannister's children are the result of incest, Tyrion Lannister suggests that Stannis's apparent conversion to the faith of R'hllor can be used against him and that the High Septon should be urged to reveal how Stannis has turned against both the rightful king and the gods.[8]

In the presence of Tyrion, Moon Boy makes a joke about the High Septon, calling him "a pious man who worships the Seven so fervently that he eats a meal for each of them whenever he sits to table."[2]

The High Septon is a target in the rantings of a prophet of the begging brothers who addresses a crowd on Cobbler's Square when Tyrion's litter passes along. The prophet accuses the High Septon of having forgotten the gods, of bathing in scented waters and of growing fat on lark and lamprey while common people starve. Reflecting on the rantings later, Tyrion thinks the prophet has a point about the High Septon.[2]

Cersei uses calls on the High Septon at the Great Sept of Baelor, in which she seeks the blessings of the gods for the upcoming struggle against Stannis, as cover for meetings with the Kettleblacks who are so supposed to hire her her own force of sellwords to rival her brother's.[3]

The fat High Septon goes to the docks to bless Myrcella Baratheon, when the girl is about to sail to Dorne, giving one of his long-winded speeches. On the way back to the Red Keep, a riot breaks out that results in many deaths, including his own. He is pulled down from his litter by the angry mob and, despite appealing at the gods to save him, is ripped apart. According to Jalabhar Xho, Ser Preston Greenfield of the Kingsguard, who also perished in the riot, might have tried to save the High Septon. The High Septon's crystal crown is missing when his body is found.[3] The small council is later informed that crystals from the crown have been discovered and that the thieves apparently melted the gold.[9]

Upon hearing of the High Septon's death, Tyrion thinks that "starving men take a dim view of priests too fat to walk."[3] Subsequently, Tyrion arranges for a replacement.[10]

A Feast for Crows

When the new High Septon greets Queen Cersei Lannister on the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor, before the wake for Tywin Lannister, Cersei finds herself recalling the previous High Septon and that the fat fool had been torn apart by the mob. She thinks to herself that he had been a great glutton, and biddable and is disturbed by the thought that the new High Septon is of Tyrion's making.[11]