Ironman's Bay

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Ironman's Bay is a bay of the Sunset Sea on the western coast of Westeros.[1] It is named after the ironmen or ironborn, the inhabitants of the nearby Iron Islands.[2]


The southern shore of Ironman's Bay lies along the northern westerlands,[3] which includes the castle of Banefort. It extends to the east along the western riverlands; Seagard is built along the eastern shore.[4] The northern shore of Ironman's Bay is the Cape of Eagles in the riverlands[5] or Cape Kraken in the north.[6] In the latter case the northwest of Ironman's Bay would also stretch along the west of the Neck and the Flint Cliffs.[7] Ten Towers is located on the eastern shore of Harlaw in the Iron Islands.[1]

The bay is populated by cod, black cod, monkfish, skate, icefish, sardines, and mackarel.[8]


Seagard on Ironman's Bay, by Thomas Denmark © Fantasy Flight Games

Harwyn Hoare, King of the Iron Islands, crossed Ironman's Bay with a hundred longships for his invasion of the northern riverlands.[9]

Balon Greyjoy attacked Seagard to begin Greyjoy's Rebellion.[2] After the sea battle off Fair Isle, King Robert I Baratheon's host sailed to the Iron Islands from Seagard and Lannisport.[10]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

The Myraham transports Theon Greyjoy from Seagard to Lordsport on Pyke.[2]