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Marcher lords is the name given to the lords of the stormlands and the Reach within the Dornish Marches.


Historically the Marcher lords have defended the realms of the Storm Kings and Kings of the Reach against Dornish incursions,[1] and are duly proud of it.[2]

House Caron uses the title Lord of the Marches, although they do not hold dominion over the other marcher houses of the stormlands. The Carons and Swanns both claim to be the oldest of the marcher lords.[2]

Many ballads and tales praise the valor and skill at arms of the Marcher lords and their longbowmen.[2]

Marcher lords


  1. According to the ConCarolinas westerlands reading, King Maekar I Targaryen was slain at Starpike, while The World of Ice & Fire states Maekar was killed on the Dornish Marches.


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