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This article is about content invented for the Game of Thrones RPG video game developed by Cyanide Studio. Although this is a licensed derivative work based upon A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, it is not written by him.

The material on this page should not be considered canonical for the novels, and is provided for informational purposes only.

Maester.svg Maester
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Title Maester at Castlewood

Played by George R. R. Martin

Martin is a maester of the Citadel in service to House Harlton of Castlewood. He is working on a history of the Seven Kingdoms, and is currently writing his sixth book. He has thus far only appeared in the 2012 video game Game of Thrones.

Appearance and Character

Maester Martin bears the likeness of George R. R. Martin, even wearing modern glasses that he calls "Myrish lenses". Like the real Martin, he is a writer and can be considered atheistic or agnostic.


"Maester? What is that instrument you wear on your face?"
"They are Myrish lenses, my dear. They help correct my eyesight."

Jeyne Greystone and Martin

"Do you believe [dragons] could return one day?"
"I very much doubt it... Unfortunately, we do not live in a fantasy story."

—Jeyne Greystone and Martin

You understand that I myself can't give you the true answer. Everyone believes what they want to believe.

—Martin to Jeyne Greystone on gods

Ty: "You see, Maester Martin has graced his sweeping history of the Seven Kingdoms with several new pages."
Martin: "What lies! I wrote an entire chapter this week!"
Ty: "I stand corrected, I have not been fair to your tireless quill... Please forgive me. So when can we hope to see your completed masterpiece?"
Martin: "I already told you. Next year!"
Ty: "He says that every year..."
Alester: "I was unaware that you were embarking on such a lofty work, Maester Martin."
Martin: "I decided that a record should be made of what little knowledge I possess."
Ty: "But he is too modest! This is already his sixth book, and he is far from finishing his work."

—Ty, Martin, and Alester Sarwyck

Behind the scenes

George R. R. Martin provided voice acting for this character.