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The Mermaid was a high class brothel operated in King's Landing by Roggerio Rogare. The establishment was located beside the River Gate in the capital.[1]


The Mermaid was an opulent establishment, full of exotic animals such as parrots from the Summer Isles and monkeys from Sothoryos. All spoke of "the beauties and wonders" in the Mermaid, and some even claimed the brothel had a real mermaid. Roggerio charged ten times more for his exotic prostitutes, who originated from all across the known world, than common brothels charged for their prostitutes.[1]


Roggerio Rogare opened the brothel in 134 AC. The establishment never lacked for customers, mainly high lords, knights, and rich merchants. Tessario the Tiger was banned from the Mermaid by Roggerio when he struck one of the girls.[1]

During the end of the Lysene Spring in 135 AC, Ser Marston Waters arrested Roggerio at the Mermaid when House Rogare was accused of treason. After being released, Roggerio sold the brothel and everything in it to purchase a great cog which he named Mermaid's Daughter.[1]


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