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The Myraham is a trading cog[1] from Oldtown. It is fat-bellied. Her captain is a large man.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

The Myraham is hired by Theon Greyjoy to take him from Seagard to Lordsport to treat with his father, Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands. Theon takes the captain's daughter to his bed.[1]

A Storm of Swords

The Myraham is held for half a year at Lordsport by Balon, who now styles himself King of the Isles and the North. In the chaos resulting from the death of Balon at Pyke and the return of Euron Greyjoy, the captain slips anchor and returns to Seagard. The captain is brought by Lord Jason Mallister to tell his story to Robb Stark, King in the North, at Hag's Mire.[2]