New Castle

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New Castle
White Harbor by cabepfir.jpg
Artwork by cabepfir
Location White Harbor
Government House Manderly, Feudal Lord
Ruler Lord Wyman Manderly
Religion Faith of the Seven
Named for successor to the Wolf's Den
Notable places Merman's Court
The north and the location of the New Castle
The north and the location of the New Castle
New Castle
The north and the location of the New Castle

The New Castle,[1] also called the New Keep,[2] is the seat of House Manderly within the city of White Harbor in the north.


The commander of the New Castle's garrison is Ser Marlon Manderly, and its maester is Theomore.[3] The household guard wear cloaks of blue-green wool and carry silver tridents instead of spears.[3]


The New Castle is reminiscent of Dunstonbury, the Manderlys' seat from when they lived along the Mander in the Reach.[2] The pale castle is built atop a hill rising above White Harbor's white walls, and the merman sigil of House Manderly flies from its towers. There is a clear view of both of the city's harbors from the hilltop.[1]

The broad, stepped Castle Stair is a white stone street that runs from the ancient Wolf's Den up the hill to the New Castle.[3] There is a passage beneath the Castle Stair which secretly connects the two castles.[4]

The Manderlys decorate their hallways with faded banners, broken shields and rusted swords from ancient victories, and wooden figures from the prows of ships.[3] The Merman's Court is the great hall where the Manderlys hold court. Two mermen made of marble stand outside the hall's doors.[3]

The large and airy chambers of the castle are finely furnished.[3] The room which secretly leads to the Castle Stair passage has wooden beams and walls of lath and plaster. It contains a Myrish carpet on the floor, beeswax candles on a table, and a sheepskin map of the north hanging on a wall.[4]


After being exiled from the Reach "a thousand years" before Aegon's Conquest, House Manderly was awarded the Wolf's Den by House Stark of Winterfell and tasked with defending the White Knife. As the city of White Harbor developed under the Manderlys' leadership, they built the New Castle, a new seat inspired by Dunstonbury, their lost home in southern Westeros. The Wolf's Den is now used as a prison.[1]

King Aegon I Targaryen held court in White Harbor three times during his royal progresses.[5]

Lord Theomore Manderly hosted Alysanne Targaryen in 58 AC, providing a welcoming feast for the queen. In the small tourney which was held in Alysanne's honor, among the fighters was a skilled wildling girl who had been captured beyond the Wall and given to one of Theomore's household knights for fostering.[6] Alysanne also held one of her women's courts in the Merman's Court.[6]

In 131 AC during the Dance of the Dragons, Prince Jacaerys Velaryon was received by Lord Desmond Manderly. To join the Manderlys' to the cause of the blacks, they agreed that Desmond's youngest daughter would wed Prince Joffrey Velaryon once the civil war ended.[7]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Davos Seaworth visits the New Castle to gain the support of House Manderly for King Stannis Baratheon. Wyman Manderly, Lord of White Harbor, publicly rejects Davos in the Merman's Court, however, and has Davos sent to the Wolf's Den.[3]

A feast is held in the Merman's Court to celebrate the safe return of Wyman's heir, Ser Wylis Manderly. Meanwhile, Robett Glover releases Davos from imprisonment in the Wolf's Den and leads him through the secret passage underneath the Castle Stair. Excusing himself from the rest of the court to use the privy, Wyman instead secretly meets with Davos and Robett in the chamber connecting to the secret passage. Wyman reveals to Davos that he is plotting against the Boltons and the Freys. Robett brings Wex Pyke into the room, and Wyman tasks Davos with finding Rickon Stark.[4]


Behind the city's thick white walls, the New Castle rose proud and pale upon its hill.[1]

—thoughts of Davos Seaworth


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