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The Pussywillows was a brothel during the reigns of kings Daeron II and Aerys I Targaryen.[1] Its location is unknown.[N 1]


The Pussywillows was the place where Penny Jenny came to live and work after the Battle of the Redgrass Field. There she raised her son, Glendon Flowers, and her daughter. It was within the establishment that Glendon was eventually knighted by Ser Morgan Dunstable.[1]

Glendon described Pussywillows as an inn to Ser Duncan the Tall, when mentioning where he had grown up, in order to prevent having to admit he had grown up in a brothel.[1]


  1. Given that Jenny, a prostitute working at the brothel, is known to have died in the riverlands, the Pussywillows is likely located somewhere in the riverlands.