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Red King was a title wielded by House Bolton when they reigned as kings in the east of what is now the North.


From the Dreadfort, the Red Kings ruled over land stretching from the Last River to the White Knife and the Sheepshead Hills. Ever since the Long Night, they often fought against the Kings of Winter, the Starks of Winterfell to the west of the Dreadfort. Some Red Kings are said to have worn cloaks made out of the skins of flayed Starks. King Rogar the Huntsman eventually submitted and sent hostages to Winterfell, however, as the Andal invasion of Westeros began.[1] The Boltons sometimes rebelled against the Stark Kings in the North over the following centuries, with the Boltons last bending the knee a thousand years ago.[2]

Known Red Kings

  • Royce II Bolton
  • Royce IV Bolton, known as Royce Redarm
  • Rogar Bolton, known as Rogar the Huntsman - the Red King who submitted to the Starks, just as the Andal invasion was beginning (though later Bolton rebels may have claimed the title)