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Were did the names of the Mistresses other than the mothers of the Great Bastards come? They are not in any of the books and I could not find any other reference on the net. The first Black Pearl was a mistress of a Targaryen prince, but there is no showing that it was Aegon IV. He seems to be a little early for there to be 4 generation of courtesans to have been descended from him, though it is not imposable.

--ASHaber 12:41, 25 May 2011 (CDT)

Well some of them came from correspondence with George. If you click on the Barba Bracken page, it will direct you to the exact letter. I believe the majority came from one of the Roleplaying game books, but I'll have to check my copies to confirm that. At the very least we know of three other than Daena, the mothers of the other 3 Great Bastards.(The Pale Griffin 16:52, 25 May 2011 (CDT))
Found it. It was a list of mistresses given to him by George. Amok's Forum It took me some time to find this. I think I should contact Ran to get this put into the So Spake Martin area, because this was a pain in the butt to find.(The Pale Griffin 17:25, 25 May 2011 (CDT))