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Question about House Slynt's potentially incorrect coat of arms description

Is the description of this House's coat of arms accurate? I notice it says it has a checkered border, but the displayed SVG CoA doesn't have one. I also notice that Morros Slynt has a personal coat of arms with the exact same description as that of his House (why would a personal CoA be identical to your House's arms?). I can only assume either Morros's personal CoA's description is an error, or House Slynt's CoA description is an error. Could someone double-check the sources for House Slynt's heraldry? —Anumaril (talk) 21:31, 7 August 2021 (UTC)

The displayed sigil is the correct one here is the quote from the books "For his sigil he had taken a bloody spear, gold on a night-black field." I have no idea where the border came from, since they only thing i could find about that is that both Janos and Morros wear cloaks that are checkered. Janos: "His cloak was checked black-and-gold satin. " Morros: "Morros wore a checkered black-and-gold cloak over black armor inlaid with golden scrollwork. On his shield was the bloody spear his father had chosen as the sigil of their new-made house." so i am pretty sure the border thing is wrong altogether. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Direpupy (talkcontribs)