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None.svg {{{title}}}
{{{nickname}}} {{{firstname}}} {{{particle}}} {{{lastname}}}
No portrait.svg

Alias(es) {{{Alias}}}
Title(s) {{{Title}}}
Allegiance {{{Allegiance}}}
Predecessor {{{Predecessor}}}
Successor {{{Successor}}}
Race {{{Race}}}
Culture(s) {{{Culture}}}
Born In {{{Date_of_Birth}}}, {{{Place_of_Birth}}}
Died In {{{Date_of_Death}}}, {{{Place_of_Death}}}
Father {{{Father}}}
Mother {{{Mother}}}
Spouse(s) {{{Spouse}}}
Lover(s) {{{Lover}}}
Issue {{{Issue}}}
Personal arms {{{coat}}}
Book(s) {{{Books}}}

Played by {{{Played_by}}}
TV series {{{TV_series}}}


{{Infobox character  <!-- Example shown on the right -->
| title          = {{{title}}}
| nickname       = {{{nickname}}}
| firstname      = {{{firstname}}}
| particle       = {{{particle}}}
| lastname       = {{{lastname}}}
| epithet        = {{{epithet}}}
| arms           = None
| arms2          = <!-- not needed if identical to {{{arms}}} -->
| image	         = No portrait.svg
| image_caption  = {{{image_caption}}}
| Alias          = {{{Alias}}}
| Title          = {{{Title}}}
| Allegiance     = {{{Allegiance}}}
| Predecessor    = {{{Predecessor}}}
| Successor      = {{{Successor}}}
| Race           = {{{Race}}}
| Culture        = {{{Culture}}}
| Date_of_Birth  = {{{Date_of_Birth}}}
| Place_of_Birth = {{{Place_of_Birth}}}
| Date_of_Death  = {{{Date_of_Death}}}
| Place_of_Death = {{{Place_of_Death}}}
| Father         = {{{Father}}}
| Mother         = {{{Mother}}}
| Spouse         = {{{Spouse}}}
| Lover          = {{{Lover}}}
| Issue          = {{{Issue}}}
| coat-of-arms   = {{{coat}}}
| Books          = {{{Books}}}
| Played_by      = {{{Played_by}}} 
| TV_series      = {{{TV_series}}} 


  • Parameters which get no value are not shown when the template used.
  • You can add multipile values by seperating them with '<br>' tag.
Name parts
  • title
  • nickname
  • firstname
  • particle
  • lastname
  • epithet
Name parts
  • Main title that the character bears
  • Nickname, when it is a main part of the name
  • First name
  • Particle coming before the last name (e.g. "of", "zo", "mo")
  • Last name/house name
  • Epithet/sobriquet, also used for nameless characters (e.g. "the Tall", "A certain man")
arms Main coat of arms / symbol representing the character.
Template:Coa/list contains all the available values.
arms2 Secondary coat of arms / symbol representing the character. Not needed if identical to main one!
image Image of the character. Use just the file name or the full image syntax.
For example: Example.png or [[File:example.png|200px|alt=Example alt text]].
Allegiance InterLink to the appropriate [[Noble House]]s.
Culture Choose appropriate values from the list of Cultures
Date_of_Birth Use {{Date|XXX}} to display dates.
Place_of_Birth InterLink to the appropriate [[Location]].
Date_of_Death Use {{Date|XXX}} to display dates.
Place_of_Death InterLink to the appropriate [[Location]].
Father InterLink to the appropriate [[Character]].
Mother InterLink to the appropriate [[Character]].
Spouse InterLink to the appropriate [[Character]]s.
Lover InterLink to the appropriate [[Character]]s.
Issue InterLink to the appropriate [[Character]]s.
coat-of-arms ??? add Image or description ???
Books Choose appropriate values from the list of Books
Played_by link to Wikipedia with [[w:Article name|Actor name]]