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No portrait.svg

Alias {{{Alias}}}
Title {{{Title}}}
Owner {{{Owner}}}
Species {{{Species}}}
Gender {{{Gender}}}
Born In {{{Date_of_Birth}}}, {{{Place_of_Birth}}}
Died In {{{Date_of_Death}}}, {{{Place_of_Death}}}
Buried In {{{Date_of_Burial}}}, {{{Place_of_Burial}}}
Issue {{{Issue}}}
Book {{{Books}}}

Played by {{{Played_by}}}
TV series {{{TV_series}}}


{{Infobox animal character <!-- Example shown on the right -->
| firstname 		= {{{firstname}}}
| epithet 		= {{{epithet}}}
| arms 			= None
| arms2 		= <!-- not needed if identical to {{{arms}}} -->
| image 		= No portrait.svg
| image_caption 	= {{{image_caption}}}
| Alias 		= {{{Alias}}}
| Title 		= {{{Title}}}
| Owner 		= {{{Owner}}}
| Species 		= {{{Species}}}
| Gender 		= {{{Gender}}}
| Date_of_Birth 	= {{{Date_of_Birth}}}
| Place_of_Birth 	= {{{Place_of_Birth}}}
| Date_of_Death 	= {{{Date_of_Death}}}
| Place_of_Death 	= {{{Place_of_Death}}}
| Date_of_Burial 	= {{{Date_of_Burial}}}
| Place_of_Burial 	= {{{Place_of_Burial}}}
| Issue 		= {{{Issue}}}
| Books 		= {{{Books}}}
| Played_by 		= {{{Played_by}}} 
| TV_series 		= {{{TV_series}}} 


  • Parameters with no value are not shown when the template is used.
  • You can add multiple values by separating them with '<br>' tag.
Name parts
  • firstname
  • epithet
Displayed in top header
  • Primary name of animal character, including multi-part names (e.g. "Grey Wind".)
  • Epithet (e.g. "The Red Queen"), also used for nameless characters (e.g. "The Silver")
arms Main coat of arms / symbol representing the character's first owner.
Template:Coa/list contains all the available values.
arms2 Secondary coat of arms / symbol representing the character's second owner. Not needed if identical to main one!
arms3 and so on, as needed
image Image of the character. Use just the file name or the full image syntax.
For example: Example.png or [[File:example.png|200px|alt=Example alt text]].
Owner InterLink to the appropriate [[Character]].
Species Choose an appropriate value from the list of Animals
Date_of_Birth Use {{Date|XXX}} to display dates.
Place_of_Birth InterLink to the appropriate [[Location]].
Date_of_Death Use {{Date|XXX}} to display dates.
Place_of_Death InterLink to the appropriate [[Location]].
Date_of_Burial Use {{Date|XXX}} to display dates.
Place_of_Burial InterLink to the appropriate [[Location]].
Issue InterLink to the appropriate [[Character]].
Books Choose appropriate values from the list of Books
Played by link to Wikipedia with [[w:Article name|Actor name]]
TV_series Choose from the list of TV series and their seasons