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This template is used to add reference sources from the novels, short stories, for this purpose it is used just like the Wikipedia <ref> tag, only using standardised format, grouping references to the same source, to avoid excessive long reference list spam.


Common form for the novels and Tales of Dunk and Egg are {{Ref|Book|chapter}} and for the television show {{Ref|TvShow|season/episode}}

Where publication names are denoted by:

aGoT is [[A Game of Thrones]] 
aCoK is [[A Clash of Kings]]
aSoS is [[A Storm of Swords]]
aFfC is [[A Feast for Crows]]
aDwD is [[A Dance with Dragons]]
tWoW is [[The Winds of Winter]]
aDoS is [[A Dream of Spring]]

THK is [[The Hedge Knight]]
TSS is [[The Sworn Sword]]
TMK is [[The Mystery Knight]]

TRP is [[The Rogue Prince]]
TPatQ is [[The Princess and the Queen]]
TSotD is [[The Sons of the Dragon]]

TLOIAF is [[The Lands of Ice and Fire]]
TWOIAF is [[The World of Ice & Fire]]
FaB is [[Fire & Blood]]

AWOIAF is [[A World of Ice and Fire]] (George R. R. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire)

HboGoT is [[Game of Thrones]]
HboHotD is [[House of the Dragon]]

TT is [[Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series]]

Practical examples for the books:

{{Ref|aGoT|15}} => Reference to A Game of Thrones, Chapter 15
{{Ref|aDwD|15}} => Reference to A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 15
{{Ref|aDwD|prologue}} or {{Ref|aDwD|0}} => Reference to A Dance with Dragons, the Prologue Chapter.

Practical examples for the Tales of Dunk and Egg:

{{Ref|THK}} => Reference to The Hedge Knight
{{Ref|TMK}} => Reference to The Mystery Knight

Practical examples for the history books:

{{Ref|TWOIAF|The Targaryen Kings: Aerys II}} => Reference to The World of Ice & Fire, chapter on the reign of Aerys II
{{Ref|FaB|Aftermath — The Hour of the Wolf}} => Reference to Fire & Blood, chapter on the start of Aegon III's reign

Practical examples for the television adaptations:

{{Ref|HboGoT|s01e02}} => Reference to HBO's Game of Thrones, Season 1, episode 2
{{Ref|HboGoT|s02e03}} => Reference to HBO's Game of Thrones, Season 2, episode 3
{{Ref|HboHotD|s01e01}} => Reference to HBO's House of the Dragon, Season 1, episode 1

Practical examples for the role-playing games:

{{Ref|rpg|greenronin}} => Reference to A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying
{{Ref|rpg|guardiansorder}} => Reference to A Game of Thrones: d20-based Open Gaming RPG

Practical examples for Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series:

{{Ref|TT|1}} => Reference to Episode 1, Iron from Ice
  • Alternatively, you can type directly: <ref>[[A Game of Thrones]], [[A Game of Thrones-Chapter 5|Chapter 5]], Jon I, page 45.</ref>
  • Additionally, you can now add a third parameter as free text, which can be used to add the specific page for the reference, {{Ref|Book|chapter number|p. 233}}. For consistency sake the page should only of the marked version we use on the pages table.
  • Note that all the book names were made case insensitive, to avoid typos, thus it doesn't really matter if you type AGOT, AgOT, agot etc...

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