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{{See also}} is used to create hatnotes to point to a small number of other, related, titles. to help readers locate a different article they might be seeking. It's placed below the heading of the sub sections.

This template is not meant to be used in the "See also" section at the bottom of an article, or instead of the "Main"-template.


To refer to one page, type the pagename as a parameter in the template. For example, typing {{See also|Eddard Stark}} will result in:

It is possible to refer to multiple pages. For example, typing {{See also|Eddard Stark|Catelyn Stark}} results in:

Referring to a sub-heading in a specific page is also possible. For example, in order to link to the "History" section on the Eddard Stark page, typing {{See also|Eddard Stark#History|l1=History}} will create an alternative title e.g. this:

Instead of

This way, the template will link to the "History" section on the Eddard Stark page.