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The title variable is not working. - ASHaber

Since it's you, I assume that you know how to use the template. so it's probably todo with my recent change, the title moved under the portrait(the small text, probably too small). So this way we get, the Character name, Portrait and title grouped together and then everything else. see my sandbox to see what I am hoping to achieve, as usual I would love some feedback.
But just in case it's Title not title, in the old templates it's used either way. in the new ones, for consistency, I keep to the rule of everything in lowercase but the first latter of pages(which anyway would be automatically translated into uppercase), which is why I added the usage examples for quick copy pastes (btw, dont forget to sign your comments with ~~~~). Cheers Mor 23:55, 28 August 2011 (CDT)

The problem with the way you've changed the titles is that sometimes a character (Daenerys for example) has many titles and it gets a little hard to read. It works well for characters with just one or two titles, but personally I think that it was easier to read and keep straight the titles with the old version of the template. It might help if they weren't centered, and I agree the text is too small. kissed.by.fire 00:23, 29 August 2011 (CDT)

So many titles and 'mother of dragons' isn't one of them?! anyway you are right multiple titles break this layout and should be presented as normal list, do we have many characters(not monarchs) with multiple titles? Mor 00:59, 29 August 2011 (CDT)

It looks like "Mother of Dragons" is under Aliases. Not sure how to distinguish between Aliases and Titles when she has so many other names...but oh well. As far as I've noticed the only characters with multiple titles are royalty. kissed.by.fire 17:57, 31 August 2011 (CDT)

Technically not true KBF. Mace Tyrell has multiple titles, as does all the great houses, including the unofficial ones, like House Hightower and Manderly. I suspect also Redwyne and Farman have multiple titles as they are lords of both an island and a castle. Then there are people like Jeor Mormont, who has the former title, Lord of Bear Island and then Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Others like the Kennings of Kayce and the Graftons of Gulltown would also have multiple titles. Even smaller lords like Godric Borrell has multiple titles. That's just a small list off the top of my head. The Pale Griffin 19:19, 31 August 2011 (CDT)


So how are we going to use the TV_series field, like the book field adding links to seasons or add links to chapters? (relevant discussion in the forum). Mor 17:02, 12 September 2011 (CDT)

Well if doesnt matter, Then I'll go with the book model and adding on per season basis, see Tyrion Lannister for example Mor 05:12, 14 September 2011 (UTC)

streamlined place & date of birth & death

I streamlined the place and date of birth and death variables. Earlier, if one of the two variables was missing, it would look funny on the character's page. For instance, Tysha's birth info was listed as "In 274 AL, " with a comma, but nothing following it. A counter example, Davos Seaworth's birth info was listed as ", at King's Landing" where there was a comma, but nothing preceding it. Now, if a character's DOB is known but not their POB, it will read "In 274 AL" (in Tysha's case). In Davos's case, it will read "At King's Landing" (note the capital "At" as well). I hope that's okay with everybody -- just trying to tighten up some things. :) Ryangibsonstewart 03:30, 4 November 2012 (UTC)

bold character name

I put html bold tags around the character's name which is at the top of the infobox (after a lot of fruitless trial and error with other methods). This should standardize everybody's name to be bold, whether there are the ''' surrounding the name or not. However, if there are any issues, let's fix them. Just let me know of any issues and I'd be glad to fix the problem. :) Ryangibsonstewart 03:15, 5 November 2012 (UTC)

Coat of arms broken?

Currently the coat-of-arms is output at the foot of the infobox, with no label (e.g. Garlan Tyrell). I assume if shouldn't be? --8dave 10:29, 25 August 2014 (UTC)

The idea was to use this to show personal coat of arm picture, without label. But currently it is mostly used for the description of this.Scafloc 21:50, 25 August 2014 (UTC)
Thanks Scafloc. :) That explains it, and I'll bear it in mind when they fix the images issue (whereby new custom widths are broken--no point in having broken coats of arms all over the place). --8dave 13:19, 26 August 2014 (UTC)