Tommen Tully

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House Tully.svg Lord
Tommen Tully
House Tully.svg
Title Lord of Riverrun
Allegiance House Tully
Culture Rivermen
Issue Samwell Rivers
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Tommen Tully was the Lord of Riverrun and the head of House Tully during the reign of the Storm King Arrec Durrandon's rule over the riverlands.


When the riverlands were invaded by Harwyn Hoare, King of the Iron Islands, Tommen's natural son, Ser Samwell Rivers, was slain at the Tumblestone. Lord Tommen abandoned Riverrun without a fight and fled with all his strength to join the host assembled at Raventree Hall under Lady Agnes Blackwood. Resistance, however, proved futile and the riverlands fell to King Harwyn.[1]


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Last known title holder:
Elston Tully
Lord of Riverrun
~100 BC
Next known title holder:
Edmyn Tully