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On the front page it says this wiki contains spoilers. That means we put the most up to date info in the books. User:The Pale Griffin

--- Dear Leco1937,

I'll preface this with the caveat that I do not mean to be snarky or rude...the internet takes all tone out of one's writing. That being said spoilers are our business. This is for people to check facts. We cannot split someone's story, like Jory Cassel, up into little sections so that the person who comes here only having read the first 13 chapters doesn't find out that Jory dies at the end of the book, same goes for Eddard. This is a work in progress, if the reader has not read the books, and it says on the front page "may contain spoilers" then they read at their own risk. I am working my way through the books and adding as I go along. If you look through the history of that page you will see that I put the header in for A Game of Thrones, but I could have just put in "History" and left the whole thing as one big chunk of text, like other pages that I've come across. If I left it as history, that sentence would have been completely in context and would not have needed deletion. In retrospect, all you had to do was put in a new header for A Feast For Crows based on your own argument.

The Pale Griffin.


Once again,

On the Main Page It says

Spoiler Warning: This wiki contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

I will also say that every detail in this wiki is a spoiler to the person who is just beginning to read the books. So spoiler tags on every page would be pointless and be a detriment to the encyclopedic value of the articles. That is why its right there on the front page.

Pale Griffin