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To do

  • add links analyses of all episodes
  • again suggest spoiler prevention (with hide / show)
  • Aegon VI
  • add appropriate copyright info to the Narwen / Mor maps
  • replace gelo e fogo with game of thrones br
  • add italian and serbian wikis
  • get acces to Turkish wiki
  • list with contacts of all wikis
  • create template for age calculation. In the George R. R. Martin page the code is include as follows:

{{#ifexpr:( {{#time:z}} < {{#time:z |20-09-1948 }} )| {{#expr:{{#time:o}} - 1948 -1}} |{{#expr:{{#time:o}} - 1948 }}}} . This results in: 75 In the template the birthdate should be a parameter which is then used in two places.

Checklist feature articles

  • Neutral
  • references included
  • factual correct
  • Complete -> all major events covered
  • Article sections complete (appearence, family)
  • Images; major one as described in the books. quality of images, link to category: images of ..., link to copyright holders of image
  • Actor in HBO
  • Differences with series (focus on what is different, not what is not included)
  • Interlinks

Test with collabsible tables.

Version 1: using the class "mw-collapsible" to an element.

This text is not collapsible; but the next is collapsible and hidden by default:

Enige tekst die pas zichtbaar zou moeten worden als op Collapse wordt gedrukt
Conclusion: does not work. Likely needs extra software to be installed.

Version 2: similar to 1 but the wikitable is used:

The header remains visible
This content is hidden
at first load time
Does not work.

Version 3: using wikitable class

Simple collapsible table
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Works, though would be better if the table lines would be hidden.

Version 4: using the template hidden

House Targaryen
House Targaryen.svg
From These Beginnings
The idea was to use w:Template:Hidden. The code from that template was copied to the Sandbox but it does not work. Likely some declararions have to be copied to the css and js pages. Possible also extra extension have to be added for it to work.

Version 5: see if it is possible to call the template from wikipedia

{{w:hidden|Title text here|Body text line 1<br/>Body text line 2}}

Copies the complete page from wikipedia including the documentation. So it does not call the specific template on the wikipedia page but uses the complete pages as a template (=copy) and pasts it here. As the copied text was rather larger and too prominent for a test I have added "nowiki" tags to make the wiki ignore it.

Version 6: modification from 3 with specification that the table border must be invisible

table borders still visible

Version 7: again using the div tag (from [1]

Collapsible div

En en ander aan tekst

Does not work

Version 7: another modification from 3

Different templates