Wedding tourney at Whitewalls

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The wedding tourney at Whitewalls[1] was a tourney held by Lord Ambrose Butterwell to celebrate his second marriage to Lady Frey in 212 AC. It was held at Whitewalls in the riverlands and was the grounds for the Second Blackfyre Rebellion.[2]

The Joust

The format was a standard knock-out tournament; only few outcomes are known to us, as the tourney was aborted prematurely when a royalist army led by Lord Bloodraven threatened Whitewalls. Two knights entered the lists under false names, Ser Duncan the Tall as the mystery "Gallows Knight" and Daemon II Blackfyre as "John the Fiddler". The prize for the winner was supposed to have been Lord Butterwell's dragon egg, but it was stolen before it could be awarded.[2]

The tourney was then interrupted by claims that a thief had stolen the dragon egg. The next tilt would have been:

Known Attendees


Some words are wind. Some words are treason. This is a traitor's tourney, ser.[2]

Egg to Dunk