Will (squire)

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Born In around 192 AC
Book The Mystery Knight (appears)

Will was the squire of Ser Uthor Underleaf during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen.

Appearance and Character

Will was gawky. He was close in age with Ser Duncan the Tall.[1]


Ser Duncan the Tall threatened him and took back the armor he had lost to Uthor Underleaf in the Whitewalls Tourney.[1]


Uthor: I see I still have much to teach you, Will. This coin has been clipped, t'other shaved. And this one? Look at the coins before taking them. Here, tell me what you see.
Will: This one's good, m'lord. There's a dragon on the one side and a king on t'other...[1]

—Uthor Underleaf and Will