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Year 127 After the Conquest (127 AC) is a year in the Westerosi calendar, the 127th after Aegon's crowning in Oldtown that maesters and educated people use as a reference to date the years.

In 127 AC, King Viserys's health began to deteriorate. Instead of the throne room, he started to hold court in his solar, and later in his bedchamber.

Grand Maester Orwyle, as depicted by Enife


  • On the first day of the year, King Viserys held a feast to celebrate his recovery from the amputation of his two fingers. The green and black factions make acts of apparent reconciliation, although when the king leaves the confrontation reemerges.
  • King Viserys seems to recover some vigor with Grand Maester Orwyle's treatments of potions and tinctures, but the improvement is short-lived and eventually the gout, chest paints and shortness of breath afflict the king again.



Titles and Appointments


  1. The Rogue Prince.
  2. See the calculation for: Daenaera Velaryon