127 AC

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Year 127 After the Conquest (127 AC) is a year in the Westerosi calendar, the 127th after Aegon I's crowning in Oldtown that maesters and educated people use as a reference to date the years.

In 127 AC, King Viserys I Targaryen's health began to deteriorate. Instead of the throne room, he started to hold court in his solar, and later in his bedchamber.

Grand Maester Orwyle, as depicted by Enife


  • On the first day of the year, King Viserys I held a feast to celebrate his recovery from the amputation of his two fingers. The green and black factions make acts of apparent reconciliation, although when the king leaves the confrontation reemerges.
  • King Viserys seems to recover some vigor with Grand Maester Orwyle's treatments of potions and tinctures, but the improvement is short-lived and eventually the gout, chest paints and shortness of breath afflict the king again.



  • Grand Maester Mellos, collapsed while climbing steps.

Titles and Appointments


  1. The Rogue Prince.
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