A Feast for Crows-Chapter 27

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A Feast for Crows
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Aware that Cersei is trying to rid herself of him, Jaime argues that his place is beside the king, not off laying siege to Riverrun. But his sister responds that she can't rely on Daven, and needs Jaime to defeat Brynden Tully, as well as find out why Gregor's men at Harrenhal have not released Wylis Manderly as the crown had requested. She states that Osmund Kettleblack will command the Kingsguard in his absence, although Jaime dislikes the idea.

Jaime's command consists of Kennos, Dermot, Strongboar, Red Ronnet, as well as Ilyn Payne and Addam Marbrand, whom Jaime had demanded as concessions from his sister. On the first night, they guested at Castle Hayford, and Jaime considers the fate of his cousin Tyrek, who would be lord of the castle were he not missing. He thought it possible the boy was still alive, perhaps having been secreted off by command of Varys, who very well could have known that the riot would occur. Starting that night, Ser Jaime begins training every night with Ser Ilyn, in the hopes that he can become a proficient swordsman with his left hand. Arriving at Harrenhal, Jaime has Gregor's men release all the prisoners including Wylis Manderly, and then leaves Ser Bonifer Hasty the Good to hold the castle until Petyr Baelish takes up its lordship. Jaime commands Bonifer to kill the Hound or Thoros of Myr if either are captured, but requests he send him any Bloody Mummers or Beric Dondarrion should they fall into his hands. Outside, Jaime comes across Ronnet Connington, who mentions how he once was betrothed to Brienne. When the Knight of Griffin's Roost mocks Brienne, Jaime hits him in the face with his golden hand.

References and Notes

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