Alyn Cockshaw

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Cockshaw.png Alyn Cockshaw Cockshaw.png
Title(s) Lord
Allegiance House Cockshaw
Book(s) The Mystery Knight

Lord Alyn Cockshaw was the head of House Cockshaw during the reign of Aerys I. During the reign of Aerys he had a pudgy face with dark blond hair.[1]

The Mystery Knight

Lord Alyn is part of Ser John the Fiddler's entourage on the way to Whitewalls. He never took to Ser Duncan the Tall and was jealous every time Ser Duncan approached Ser John. During the Whitewalls Tourney, Lord Alyn was unhorsed by Ser Glendon Flowers. His mood towards hedge knights took an even darker turn and while Ser Glendon was arrested for stealing the dragon egg, that would have been the prize for the winner of the tourney, Lord Alyn convinced Ser Duncan to follow him if he wanted to find his squire. Lord Alyn lured Ser Duncan to a well where he intended to kill Ser Duncan, but Ser Duncan foiled his plan and instead it was Alyn who fell into the well. He was left there by Ser Duncan and Ser Maynard Plumm, who had seen the entire episode and had stood aside.

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