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[[Category:Characters from the Crownlands]]
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[[Category:Members of the City Watch (King's Landing)]]
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[[es:Sangre (asesino)]]

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Blood the butcher.jpg

Alias(es) "Blood"
Allegiance City Watch of King's Landing
The Blacks
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen (Mentioned)

Blood is the alias of a man who, during the Dance of the Dragons, slew six year old Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen, King Aegon II's firstborn son and heir, next in line to the Iron Throne.[1] Blood's true name is lost to history.[1]

Appearance and Character

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He was a big, brutal hulking swordsman and most likely a rapist.[1]


The Princess and the Queen

Blood was an serjeant in the City Watch. He lost his gold cloak for beating a whore to death whilst in a drunken rage. He spent time in Flea Bottom. After the death of Prince Lucerys Velaryon, Blood, along with Cheese was employed by Prince Daemon's go-between to slay one of Aegon II' sons.[1]

Once Blood and Cheese confronted Queen Helaena in the Tower of the Hand they told her to name which son she wanted them to kill. Queen Helaena offered herself but they refused stating it had to be a son. Although Queen Helaena eventually named her youngest son Maelor (after Cheese threatened that Blood would rape her daughter if she didn't choose one now), they killed Jaehaerys instead. It was Blood who slew Jaehaerys. He struck the boy's head off with a single blow. After killing Prince Jaehaerys, Blood and Cheese did no further harm to Queen Helaena or her surviving children and fled with the prince's head in hand.[1]


It has to be a boy.[1]

References and Notes