Elinda Massey

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Elinda Massey
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Title(s) Lady-in-waiting[1]
Allegiance House Massey
Culture(s) Crownlands
Book(s) Fire and Blood (mentioned)

Elinda Massey was a noblewoman of House Massey and a lady-in-waiting to Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]

Appearance and Character

She was the youngest and the gentlest of Rhaenyra's ladies-in-waiting.[1]


Elinda Massey accompanied Rhaenyra during her flight from King's Landing to Dragonstone. Supposedly she gouged out her own eyes at the sight of her queen being devoured by the dragon Sunfyre.[1]

After Rhaenyra's death, Elinda and the other ladies-in-waiting were put in cells in Sea Dragon Tower to await ransom.[1]


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