Quentyn Ball

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Quentyn Ball
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Alias Fireball[1]
Allegiance House Ball
Culture Reachmen
Died In 196 AC[1], near Redgrass Field[1]
Spouse Unknown[1]
Issue Glendon Flowers (disputed)[1]
Personal arms A fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field[1]

Ser Quentyn Ball, better known as Fireball, was a knight of House Ball during the reigns of Aegon IV Targaryen and Daeron II Targaryen. His personal coat-of-arms was a fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field.[1]

Appearance and Character

Quentyn was red-haired, with a fiery temper, hence the moniker Fireball.[1]


During the reign of Aegon IV

In King's Landing Quentyn was the master-at-arms of the Red Keep during King Aegon IV Targaryen's days. At some point, Aegon promised Quentyn a place in the Kingsguard once an opening were to become apparent. In order to facilitate this Quentyn made his wife join the silent sisters. Aegon died before an opening in the Sworn Brotherhood became vacant, however.[2]

First Blackfyre Rebellion

When a place in the Kingsguard became available under Daeron II Targaryen, son and heir of Aegon IV, Quentyn reminded him of his father's promise. Fireball was refused the white cloak for reasons unknown, and it was instead given to Ser Willem Wylde. This betrayal caused Quentyn to choose Daemon Blackfyre's side during Daemon's rebellion. It was rumored that Fireball had as much a part as did Bittersteel in convincing Daemon to claim the Iron Throne.[2]

It was Fireball that rescued Daemon when King Daeron sent the Kingsguard to arrest him. During the First Blackfyre Rebellion, he killed Lord Lefford at Lannisport and sent Lord Damon Lannister back to Casterly Rock when he came out to confront him. At the crossing of the Mander he slew all the sons of Lady Penrose save for the youngest, whom he spared as a kindness to her. Quentyn was slain by a common archer on the eve of the Battle of the Redgrass Field when he stopped for a drink of water.[3][1]

A young boy named Glendon Flowers believed himself to be Quentyn's bastard son.[1]



Behind the Scenes

According to George R. R. Martin Fireball was loosely inspired by Sir Henry Percy, a late medieval English nobleman known as Hotspur.[4]