Roland II Arryn

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Roland II Arryn
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Biographical Information
Full Name Roland, Second of His Name
Titles King of Mountain and Vale
Died At Oldstones
Culture Andal
Royal House House Arryn
Successor Robin Arryn
Books The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Roland II Arryn was a King of Mountain and Vale from House Arryn.[1]


Roland was haughty and bellicose.[1]


Roland II was the great-grandson of King Roland I, who first started constructing the Eyrie. He was a man whose passions were not building, but war and wenching. As the cost of building the Eyrie had become too much, he had need for money to finance a campaign in the riverlands. So it came to be that all work on the Eyrie was halted for the better part of four years.[1]

Conquests proved harder to achieve and after small victories over petty kings, King Roland found himself facing Tristifer IV Mudd, the Hammer of Justice, the last great king of the First Men. However, Roland's forces were shattered by Tristifer's rivermen. After fleeing to one of his allies, the King of Mountain and Vale found himself betrayed and delivered back to Tristifer in chains. Four years after leaving the Vale, King Roland II was beheaded at Oldstones, the seat of House Mudd, by Tristifer. Few mourned his passing. He was succeeded by his younger brother, Robin Arryn, who resumed work on the Eyrie. [1]

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